On September 14th 2012, as part of the FITE’s programmation, there was the projection of the movie « DAMES DE COULEUR » realised by Patricia Gérimont et Jean-Claude Taburiaux.

Synopsis :

Sanata and Dicko are dyers in Mali.

Sanata makes bazin colored products in Bamako with her co-workers.

Dicko lives in the bush in dogon coutry and dye pagnes with indigo.

This movie is a travel which carries us from the village dogon to the big city, from the dark indigo hang on the walls of banco to the brightness of multicolored tissues in Bamako’s streets. It draws in dotted line the similarities and the differences between these craftwomen, in the exercise of their arts to their economic and social levels.

Even if their 2 know-hows are remarkables, the fact remains that they have both the same objective : make sure that their children have a decent life.

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© Pictures credits Patricia Gérimond et Cvb Documentaires Auteurs

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