Patis TESORO, known as the Grand Dame of Philippine Fashion, has devoted thirty years of her life to resurrecting the art and use of traditional Filipino fabrics and opening it to the world.

As a designer and embroider, she concentrated herself on pinapple project. It is a familial process centred on this important symbol.

After 2-3 years of growth, men and women cut down the leaves of the pineapple. Fibers are separated and the chlorophyll is washed out. Once dry, they are sold to particulars, as Miss Tesero, who work it and create beautiful clothes.

Her long work is considered as luxury creations and can not satisfied most of the people. And the sales are almost all done on Filipino territory ; therefore, the FITE 2015 was a tremandous experience to present her work in France and in Europe.

In Philippines, Miss Tesero is a national symbol of tradition and modernity, and has an international vocation.

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