Chris Chasseaud lives and works in London. Fashion designer, he created the brand DENT de MAN in which we can recognize his particular approach, mixing classical patterns an unique fabrics.

The designs used show the admiration of the creator for big drawing fabrics. Some batiks decorated with javanese motifs made thanks to wax technique and bloc printing.

Le concepteur de la marque a une grande admiration pour les procédés d’impression anciens qu’il s’engage à adapter au monde contemporain.

The brand conceptor has a huge admiration for the old printing proceeds and he’s adapting them to the contemporary world

La marque propose un mode de vie défini par la liberté et la qualité, l’autonomisation des individus à s’habiller pour eux-mêmes.

The brand offers a lifestyle defined by the liberty and the quality, the individual automation to dress for themselves.

He came at the 2014 FITE.

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