Carmen Rion lives and works in Mexico City.

In 1998, she launched her clothing brand with clothes designed to go “from the street to the house and from the house to the street”. Mixing wool and silk, this first collection was made to be adaptable – an idea which she has kept to this day.

In the last seven years, she has been working with textile craftspeople, especially female weavers from the Chiapas region who partly make the famous embroidered and woven motifs of her collection.

Insisting on the fact that the clothes she makes are not “Mexican”, she considers that this link with Chiapas weavers is the result of evidence.

She presented her work at the FITE 2014

Sources :

Carmen Rion: Handmade Designs With Heart And Tradition

Catalogue du Festival International des Textiles Extraordinaires, FITE 2014

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