Ueno Masao, a japanese artist, makes exceptional oeuvres in 3D thanks to bamboo.

As part of the FITE, he made an oeuvre during a residence  at the bambouseraie Prafrance d’Anduze.

This oeuvre is currently exhibited at Jardin Lecoq in Clermont-Ferrand as part of the exposition “Metamorphosis” which had opened the festival.

You can see the interview of Ueno Masao realised during the FITE. In this way, you can take note of his work and his artistic approach.

He also exposes, in the exhibition “Modern Twist” Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art”, in the Bellevue Arts Museum, the 13 th november 2012 to the 3 th february 2013.

The exhibition presents the bamboo as a source for the inspiration and the creativity for 17 artists   Matsumoto Hafū, Honma Hideaki, Ueno Masao, Uematsu Chikuyū,Nagakura Ken’ichi, Tanabe Chikuunsai III, Tanabe Yōta, Tanabe Shōchiku III, Tanioka Shigeo, Tanioka Aiko, Honda Shōryū, Mimura Chikuhō, Nakatomi Hajime, Sugiura Noriyoshi, et Yonezawa Jirō, who present 38 pieces.

For more informations, you can consult the website of the Bellevue Arts Museum :


He was in the FITE 2012.


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