Kamaldeep Kaur was born in 1947 and started her career in 1996, after the obtention of her degree in design in 2 years in New Delhi. Work with one of the best design houses, creators shops and fashion shops give her a great market experience. She is the founder of Neelgar, located in the region of Gujarat in India.

But her principal interest was dyeing and printing. She joined the Gujarat State ‘s emporium in 1997 and started to explore traditional techniques, by doing researches and developing conceptions in the village of Gujarat. In 1998, the ministry of textile choose her for its first project which was 6 monts of tie and dye. She worked with two differents groups the tightening technique and the baandhani technique. The results were very appreciated and allowed to 6 differents projects to be able to stay with the villages and their handmade community from 1998 to 2006.

Some companies started to approach her after having seen her work in GURJARI, the State’s emporium. The camera as a company have been launch and she started to make her own production of furnitures and clothes and indian textiles.

In 2000, she made her first scarf and shawl’s collection in silk, by using natural colorants. These were very appreciate and became her main range of clothes until now.

She was present at the Showroom du FITE 2012.

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