An international meeting-point which increases traditional and contemporary creations located in 2 places near Manilla, Philippines.



Through programs that would continuously educate the global community on the heritage conservation and innovation, which will equip the stakeholders in both traditional and contemporary processes for either recreational purposes or livelihood projects.

To archive artefacts and document products and processes of international cultural heritage.


Vision & Values

We want to be a cultural and social safety net housed in built heritage.

We want to become an established and respected cultural education program.

This vision of the project comes with strong values like collective principles and ideals which guide the thoughts and actions of an individual or a group of persons.


The objective of Sinulid is to promote cultural heritage in global textile arts and other handicrafts for the purpose of preservation, to contribute to global heritage conservation through cultural education, to instigate recognition of handicraft and textile arts as an important element of society, not limited to artefacts to be viewed in museums.

To promote  exchange of culture and creation of global community within the standards of sustainability.

The promulgation of creativity to decrease imitation; to increase unique innovative designs.

Preventive measures against extinction of handcraft industry especially of textiles.


Target audience

Local and international artisans and craftsmen within, but not limited to marginalized communities.

Local and international students Small and Medium companies handicraft entrepreneurs and product designers. Enthusiasts from all walks of life and fields of profession and study.