The Association HS-Projects, carrying amongst other things the International festival of the Extraordinary Textiles (FITE) has proposed for several years, conferences of art history relating in particular non-European cultures.

These conferences given within institutions muséales, but also within the framework of private meetings, propose to establish the link with the preserved collections and their history. To make more concrete this approach, HS_Projets accompanies its presentations by objects and textiles. Its will is not to forget contemporary creation and to introduce the actors of them.

We propose custom-tailored cycles adapted to your requests such as for example on arts of Africa (art Baoulé, royal art of Benin, Bamana of Mali, art Kongo, Berber ceramics, the African textiles, concept of being able in clothing in Madagascar).
We also propose isolated conferences (American sculpture of after war, the color in the Middle Ages, the portrait with the Rebirth, contemporary sculpture in Africa…)

– Crozatier museum of the Puy-en-Velay
– University For All of Saint-Etienne, Annonay, Sorbs
– workshop of Martine Mikaelian to Lyon
– association Art Culture Loisirs Lyon (ACLL)

If you wish to set up a cycle of course, or to propose a simple conference, you can get in touch with Thomas Leveugle : 53 89 17 98/06 43 55 62 97