The first edition of the FITE offers a meeting around “Metamorphosis”. Fiber’s transformation, tissue’ symbolism or knowledge transmition between Humans, this metamorphosis make an extra ordinary gallery of transformations, part of the life’s, of the nature’s, and of the reflexion’s movements.

Les cinq continents se rencontrent autour de savoir-faire ancestraux et jouent de cet héritage pour s’inscrire dans une dynamique artisanale et artistique contemporaine où l’inventivité et l’imagination sont foisonnantes, où la différence est synonyme d’enrichissement./ The five continents meet and discuss around this ancestral knowledge and play with this legacy in order to create a handmade dynamic and artistic where inventiveness and imagination are abundant and where differences are synonyms of improvement.

For its first international edition, The FITE went to Vietnam.

Relive the moments “Metamorphosis 2012” in Clermont-Ferrand

Relive the moments “Metamorphosis 2013” in Vietnam